Adventures in Blockchain


Charles Max Wood

Bruno Duarte Brito

Gregory McCubbin

Roman Storm



Oct 06, 2019

ABC 012: Sustaining Open Source with Eric Berry & Kevin Owocki

In this week's episode of Adventures in Blockchain, Charles Max Wood interviews Eric Berry and Kevin Owocki, discussing open source sustainability using blockchain. Eric Berry is a panelist on Sustain Our Software podcast and runs Codefund. Kevin is the co-founder of Gitcoin. Our guests start by explaining what each of their companies does and how they help sustain open source.

Oct 01, 2019

ABC 011: Arbitration in the Blockchain with Clement Lesaege

In this episode of Adventures in Blockchain our panel is joined by a special guest. Clément Lesaege is a blockchain developer working at Kleros. Kleros resolves disputes using a decentralized arbitration system and smart contracts. Clément shares some examples of how their smart contracts work with outside data.

Sep 17, 2019

ABC 010: Privacy in Blockchain

In this episode of Adventures in Blockchain the panel discusses privacy in the blockchain. Privacy is a hot topic right now in the blockchain world and is an issue that a lot of people are trying to solve. This is a problem in both public and private blockchains.

Sep 10, 2019

ABC 009: Blockchain Gotchas

In this episode of Adventures in Blockchain, the panel reveals some of the tough things or “gotchas” to look out for when getting started with blockchain. Gregory McCubbin works with public blockchains while Bruno Duarte Brito works with private blockchains. They both have very different stories of getting into blockchain development, so they wonder what gotchas they will have in common.

Sep 03, 2019

ABC 008: Ethereum Classic with Zachary Belfordr

Zachary Belfordr, from Ethereum Classic, joins the panel to discuss Ethereum classic. First, he shares the origin story of Ethereum classic then he explains his role at ETC Labs and what they do. The panel asks Zachary about funding at ETC labs and why Infura does not support Ethereum Classic. Zachary discusses what is being done to try and solve the long synchronization times in Ethereum classic. The 51% attack on Ethereum Classic is considered; the panel discusses how much a 51% attack would cost and what can be done to prevent these types of attacks. Zachary shares some of the exciting dapps being used in Ethereum Classic and considers the future of blockchain technology. The episode ends with Zachary’s story of how he got into the blockchain and some advice for those who are new to the blockchain.

Aug 27, 2019

ABC 007: Chainlink with Johann Eid

Johann Eid from Chainlink joins the panel to discuss the exciting things they are doing in the Blockchain. To help the listeners better understand what they are doing at Chainlink, Johann explains what smart contracts are and how they relate to oracles. Oracles feed smart contracts real-world data; Johann explains the difference between a centralized and decentralized oracle. The panel discusses the benefits of a decentralized oracle network, which is what Chainlink is building.

Aug 20, 2019

ABC 006: How To Earn Passive Income As A Blockchain Developer

The panel explains a couple of ways to earn passive income in the blockchain. The first is building applications or dapps (decentralized applications) on the blockchain that charges users a very small fee for the services. Gregory McCubbin explains how a transaction works on the blockchain and how it requires cryptocurrency to be spent in order for a transaction to take place.

Aug 13, 2019

ABC 005: Fortmatic with Sean Li

Sean Li introduces Fortmatic, what they are about and some of the things you can do with Fortmatic. Fortmatic’s origin story is shared and Sean shares some of the challenges he is facing as co-founder. The most exciting products in the blockchain space are discussed. Sean gives advice for developers new to blockchain. The panel considers “Massive blockchain adoption” and seek Sean’s perspective on the subject. The panel shares an invitation for listeners to check out Fortmatic.

Aug 06, 2019

ABC 004: Htmlcoin a Hybrid Coin with Erni Augusto

Erni Augusto, a JavaScript developer at htmlcoin, joins the panel to share his experience at htmlcoin, what it means to be a hybrid coin and what can be done with it. Using for blockchain for medical records is discussed; Erni shares details of how to check out what htmlcoin is doing with this. Erni shares how the infrastructure works at htmlcoin and technical details of what htmlcoin is using. The panel discusses the 2017 51% attack at htmlcoin and other attacks. Erni discusses his challenges joining the htmlcoin team and learning about decentralization. The panel discusses why someone would want to buy htmlcoin and how to use it.

Aug 06, 2019

ABC 003: Which Blockchain is Best

Gregory McCubbin and Bruno Duarte Brito answer the question “Which blockchain should I use?”. “It depends”’ is their answer. Their first advice is to ask yourself, “Why am I using a blockchain?”, “What are my goals?”, and “Do I even need a blockchain?”. Gregory begins with discussing Ethereum, being very familiar with Ethereum he teaches it on his website and in his Bootcamp. Ethereum, he describes as very versatile, with an active development community. Bruno explains the differences between public and private blockchains, the biggest one being who controls the blockchain. Using Hyperledger as his example blockchain, Bruno describes the benefits of controlling who sees what information while still maintaining security and transparency.

Aug 06, 2019

ABC 002: How Does a Blockchain Work

The panel starts by discussing the advantages blockchain gives in the payment world and how it works. Double spend is defined and how blockchain solves this problem is explained. Using a financial model the panel discusses how blockchain works.

Aug 06, 2019

ABC 001: Getting Started With Blockchain Development

The panel introduces themselves in this exciting new podcast. Roman Storm, a former software engineer, wanted to build a startup and heard about Bitcoin. After building himself a bitcoin wallet and later moved the Ethereum, he eventually began security consulting for companies in the blockchain space. Bruno Duarte Brito has a very unique story having never owned a cryptocurrency or a wallet; he found his way to the blockchain by requesting to be put on a blockchain project at his company. Bruno mostly works with Hyperledger and blockchain for business. Gregory McCubbin, a self-taught developer, started following cryptocurrency prices and wanted to learn more. Looking for online resources, he found the materials available scarce. After learning blockchain he built up Dapp University as a resource for future blockchain developers.