ABC 007: Chainlink with Johann Eid

ABC 007: Chainlink with Johann Eid

August 27, 2019

Show Notes



  • Gregory McCubbin

  • Roman Storm

  • Bruno Duarte Brito

Joined by Special Guest: Johann Eid


Johann Eid from Chainlink joins the panel to discuss the exciting things they are doing in the Blockchain. To help the listeners better understand what they are doing at Chainlink, Johann explains what smart contracts are and how they relate to oracles. Oracles feed smart contracts real-world data; Johann explains the difference between a centralized and decentralized oracle. The panel discusses the benefits of a decentralized oracle network, which is what Chainlink is building. 


Chainlink has announced that Google is one of the great companies integrating, the panel discusses Google’s interest in Blockchain and how the integration will affect smart contract creators. Johann shares other Chainlink successes, such as decentralized finance, what people are doing with it and why they need decentralized oracles. The panel discusses the growth of Chainlink, the challenges they had to overcome and the future exponential growth they expect as smart contract adoption grows. Referencing last week's episode about earning passive income the panel and Johann discuss the possibilities for passive income through Chainlink and how to make that happen. Johann gives listeners resources to get started and encourages all developers to try Chainlink then share Chainlink with everyone. 


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