584 Episodes

JavaScript Jabber

A weekly discussion by top-end JavaScript developers on the technology and skills needed to level up on your JavaScript journey.
602 Episodes

Ruby Rogues

Our original panel podcast, Ruby Rogues is a weekly discussion around Ruby, Rails, software development, and the community around Ruby.
229 Episodes

React Round Up

Stay current on the latest innovations and technologies in the React community by listening to our panel of React and Web Development Experts.
387 Episodes

Adventures in Angular

Join our weekly discussion about how to build top end Angular applications and become an Angular expert.
224 Episodes

Views on Vue

Vue is a growing front-end framework for web developments. Hear experts cover technologies and movements within the Vue community by talking to members of the open source and development community.
221 Episodes

Elixir Mix

Join our weekly discussion of the popular functional language built on top of the Erlang virtual machine. Each week, we discuss the world of Elxiir, Phoenix, OTP, and then BEAM.
162 Episodes

Adventures in DevOps

Come listen to experts in building infrastructure and enabling development and deployment processes discuss the ideas and technologies involved in DevOps.
156 Episodes

Adventures in .NET

Level up your .NET skills with our weekly discussion of C# and other Microsoft technologies for developers.
116 Episodes

Adventures in Machine Learning

Machine Learning is growing in leaps and bounds both in capability and adoption. Listen to our experts discuss the ideas and fundamentals needed to succeed as a Machine Learning Engineer.
0 Episodes

Dev Influencers

Learn to build an audience and create content that helps them advance as developers, technologists, and people.
60 Episodes

Clean Coders Podcast

A weekly discussion with the contributors and authors of courses at CleanCoders.com.
427 Episodes

The Freelancers' Show

Build and grow the skills that will allow you to find clients, build skills, manage your lifestyle, and grow your freelance business.
323 Episodes


Our podcast about building mobile applications for iOS devices, Macs, and Apple TV using Swift and Objective C.
13 Episodes

Adventures in Blockchain

A weekly podcast discussing the ins and outs of building applications that are based on blockchain technology like NFTs, Dapps, and Smart Contracts.
37 Episodes

She's in Tech

Listen to women in tech talk about building careers and highlight accomplishments of women in technology and software development.
17 Episodes

Sustain Our Software

A weekly discussion about building and growing open source software.
158 Episodes

My JavaScript Story

Interviews with people, contributors, programmers, authors, and other builders in the JavaScript Community
108 Episodes

My Angular Story

Interviews with people, contributors, programmers, authors, and other builders in the Angular Community
103 Episodes

My Ruby Story

Interviews with people, contributors, programmers, authors, and other builders in the Ruby Community