ABC 003: Which Blockchain is Best

ABC 003: Which Blockchain is Best

August 06, 2019

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  • Gregory McCubbin

  • Bruno Duarte Brito


Gregory McCubbin and Bruno Duarte Brito answer the question “Which blockchain should I use?”. “It depends”’ is their answer. Their first advice is to ask yourself, “Why am I using a blockchain?”, “What are my goals?”, and “Do I even need a blockchain?”. Gregory begins with discussing Ethereum, being very familiar with Ethereum he teaches it on his website and in his Bootcamp. Ethereum, he describes as very versatile, with an active development community. Bruno explains the differences between public and private blockchains, the biggest one being who controls the blockchain. Using Hyperledger as his example blockchain, Bruno describes the benefits of controlling who sees what information while still maintaining security and transparency.


The idea of decentralization is considered and how this will sway your decision on the blockchain you might use for your app. Gregory explains what decentralization means and how some blockchains compromise on decentralization based on their goals. Bruno and Gregory share the most common and most influential use cases for both private and public blockchains. They are that most use cases are financial, but not all. Bruno shares a few use cases that are not all about transactions, including IBM’s Food Trust, supply chain problems and Dubai’s smart city initiative.


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