ABC 008: Ethereum Classic with Zachary Belfordr

ABC 008: Ethereum Classic with Zachary Belfordr

September 03, 2019

Show Notes



  • Gregory McCubbin

  • Roman Storm

Joined by Special Guest: Zachary Belfordr


Zachary Belfordr, from Ethereum Classic, joins the panel to discuss Ethereum classic. First, he shares the origin story of Ethereum classic then he explains his role at ETC Labs and what they do. The panel asks Zachary about funding at ETC labs and why Infura does not support Ethereum Classic. Zachary discusses what is being done to try and solve the long synchronization times in Ethereum classic. The 51% attack on Ethereum Classic is considered; the panel discusses how much a 51% attack would cost and what can be done to prevent these types of attacks. Zachary shares some of the exciting dapps being used in Ethereum Classic and considers the future of blockchain technology. The episode ends with Zachary’s story of how he got into the blockchain and some advice for those who are new to the blockchain. 



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