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Sep 17, 2019

iPS 272: Apple Event Analyzation

In this episode of The iPhreaks Show Andrew Madsen and Evan Stone discuss the recent Apple Event and the announcements made there. To start, the panel discusses their thoughts one the event as a whole. The panel was surprised that the event was very product-driven with only a few mentions of software changes. Andrew did notice that when they did talk about the software they introduced it with the hardware as one product, which he enjoyed as a more holistic approach than in previous years.

Sep 10, 2019

iPS 271: The Compass to iOS Developement with Brian Voong

In this episode of The iPhreaks Show, the panel interview Brian Voong. Brian runs a YouTube channel where he teaches about iOS development. The episode of his channel that the panel discusses with him is about the Roadmap to iOS development. Brian starts by giving a brief overview of what his video contains and how it is given with the intent to help developers find jobs in the iOS industry.

Sep 03, 2019

iPS 270: Siri in iOS 12 with Gui

In this episode, the iPheaks panelist speaks with, their very own, Gui Rambo. Gui shares information about the new features with Siri in iOS 12. Gui talks about the extended integration of Siri with other apps in iOS. The panel continues to discuss the further contextual suggestions of Siri, as well as the customizable features and extensions with Siri. Lastly, Gui talks about a new app, the Shortcuts App, that may make an appearance in iOS 12. This is a great episode to learn more about the upcoming new feature for iOS devices.

Aug 27, 2019

iPS 269: Ray Tracing with Petrie Michael

Joining iPhreaks is our new panelist Abbey Jackson, an iOS developer from Vancouver, Canada and our special guest Petrie Michael, an iOS developer from Australia currently working in Japan. Petrie has joined the podcast today to discuss his recent talk at TrySwift about Ray tracing. After defining ray tracing and explaining how it works, Petrie walks the panel through his demonstration for his talk. The panel discusses the technology he uses and how a bigger project becomes much more complex using a Mercedes rendering he did. Petrie introduces binary space partitioning and how this speeds up the process. The panel asks Petrie for recommendations for beginners to graphics, how to get started and what language to use.

Aug 20, 2019

iPS 268: Use Compositional Layout back to iOS11 With This One Simple Trick with Katsumi Kishikawa

Katsumi Kishikawa, a talented open source library creator from Japan joins the panel which now includes our newest panelist, Evan Stone, an iOS developer and consultant since 2011 based in San Francisco. Katsumi shares with the panel how he got started and why he created a library that lets you use compositional layout back to iOS11. The panel considers the cool features that can be used with this tool and Katsumi shares some new features he is hoping to implement before the iOS13 release. Katsumi explains how the code tricks the compiler to make possible to backport to older versions of iOS. The challenges in backporting to iOS12 and 11, including orthogonal scrolling is discussed. Katsumi shares a bit about an application he built called Swift-ast-explorer. Impressed with all Katsumi’s work, the panel wonders how he gets all this done and they thank him for sharing his work.

Jul 30, 2019

iPS 267: In Defense of Core Data with Donny Wals

Donny Wals joins the panel to discuss his most recent talk at Try!Swift in Tokyo. The panel starts by discussing the most common complaints about Core Data. Donny shares how the changes made in iOS 10 and past updates solve these complaints. The panel discusses migration and how it has changed, making it much simpler and easier to use. Various Core Data features and their use cases are considered.

Jul 23, 2019

iPS 266: The Mission and Journey with Charles Max Wood

Charles talks about his journey as a podcaster and his mission with  is designed to home podcasts that speak to all developer communities. Charles also plans to host shows for technologies that are on the verge of a breakthrough and will be a lot more widely available in the near future such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). There are new shows being added continuously to reach out to new communities, some examples of which are: a Data Science show, a DevOps show and an Open Source show. As a kid, Charles would record his own shows on a tape recorder. He was always interested in technology.

Jul 16, 2019

iPS 265: Make UIControl More Swifty with Dusan Tadic

Dušan Tadić joins the panel to discuss his recent blog post “Make UIControl More Swifty”. Dušan explains why he made it more swifty and what made him decide to improve it. The panel gets to know Dušan; he shares what it’s like working in Germany, what it's like being the only IOS developer in his company and what it’s like working for a product company instead of an agency. Dušan shares his experience learning Objective-C as a Swift developer. The panel discusses debugging apps with rogue notifications.

Jul 09, 2019

iPS 264: Pitching to Swift with Igor Kulman

Igor Kulman shares his experience pitching to the Swift evolution process and submitting a proposal. The panel discusses his pitches and his options going forward. Igor explains why he pitched a change to the standard library instead of creating his open source libraries. The panel encourages developers to contribute to Swift. Igor discusses his background with Windows phone, the challenges switching to be an iOS developer and building a Hackintosh computer. The panel compares C# and Swift, considering the new combine framework.

Andrew Madsen
Jul 02, 2019

iPS 263: Swift and AWS Lambda with Jason Zurita

Jason Zurita joins the panel to discuss his recent blog post about websites using SwiftUI and AWS Lambda. Jason explains what SwiftUI and AWS Lambda are and how to write server code for serverless sites. The panel asks Jason about writing backend code and using Docker. The other server-side options for SwiftUI are considered. Jason explains why he recommends not templating when using SwiftUI. The panel considers what systems this would work for and using SwiftUI on other platforms.

Jaim Zuber
Jun 25, 2019

iPS 262: Tying Things Together with Paul Samuels

Paul Samuels joins the panel in discussing his recent blog post. He shares the takeaways from the blog post. The panel discusses the problems that prompted Paul to write this post and how these tools fix these problems. Paul gives examples of how to organize your code. The panel discusses the possible restrictions and disadvantages of this tool. Paul explains how to write code for multiple platforms. The panel discusses libraries and data storage that might work for this tool.

Jaim Zuber
Jun 04, 2019

iPS 261: I Failed 39 Interviews with Hassan El Desouky

Hassan el Desouky is a computer science student from Egypt, his dream is to join a big company like Google, Apple, or Facebook. He talks about his experience applying for the big tech companies in his article How I Failed 39 Interviews and What I’ve Learned. Hassan talks about some of the difficulties faced by people from overseas applying for the big American tech companies.

Jaim Zuber
Apr 08, 2019

iPS 260: Advanced Debugging and Reverse Engineering with Derek Selander

Derek Selander introduces himself and how he got started. The panel discusses debugging strategies and debugging with LLDB. The discussion moves to Hopper and using it to see what the UIKit is doing. Assembly Language differences between Swift and Objective and the effect on ABI stability are considered. The panel endorses Derek’s book as a great resource for developers. Derek shares how having this knowledge has helped him as a developer.

Apr 04, 2019

iPS 259: ARKit with Mohammad Azam

In this episode of iPhreaks, the panel hosts Mohammad Azam, a Full Stack Immersive Web Instructor at DigitalCrafts and a Udemy instructor. Mohammad talks about ARKit: how it works, its features, its benefits and which industries will possibly benefit from this augmented reality framework.

Mar 28, 2019

iPS 258: Learning Objective-C as a Swift Developer with Abbey Jackson

In this episode of iPhreaks, panel hosts Abbey Jackson, a senior software engineer at Mastercard fraud detection from Vancouver, Canada. Abbey was a part time nanny before she became a developer. Her journey as a developer started when she decided to attend an 8-week Swift boot camp. Within 3 years of the boot camp she started working at Mastercard as a senior developer. Although Abbey currently develops using Objective-C, she started developing in Swift. She talks about the different concepts she struggled with as a Swift developer, such as the difference between nil, NULL and NSNull in Objective–C. They talk about the tools and books available to developers who want to learn Objective–C. Abbey has used the Slack Objective–C channel extensively to ask for advice on coding practices.

Feb 21, 2019

iPS 253: We're Back!

iPhreaks is back after a break. In this episode of the iPhreaks, the panel gives an update on what they have been working on while the show was on break and what they plan for the show for the upcoming year. The panel is booking guests for the upcoming shows and can be contacted for suggestions for a topic ideas and guests.

Aug 30, 2018

iPS 252: Siri in iOS 12 with Gui

In today's episode, the iPheaks panelist speaks with, their very own, Gui Rambo. Gui shares information about the new features with Siri in iOS 12. Gui talks about the extended integration of Siri with other apps in iOS. The panel continues to discuss the further contextual suggestions of Siri, as well as the customizable features and extensions with Siri. Lastly, Gui talks about a new app, the Shortcuts App, that may make an appearance in iOS 12. This is a great episode to learn more about the upcoming new feature for iOS devices.

Aug 09, 2018

iPS 251: XcodeGen and other Swift Tools with Yonas Kolb

In today’s episode, the iPhreaks panel talks to Yonas Kolb about XcodeGen and other Swift tools. Yonas works on a number of open source projects that Jaim has been working with recently, notably XcodeGen, Mint, and Beak. They talk about what each of these open source tools are and do, use cases for XcodeGen, and the benefits of checking in VS not checking in. They also touch on obscure things you can do with XcodeGen, how he started the project, and more!

Jaim Zuber
Aug 02, 2018

iPS 250: iOS Architecture at Scale with Parveen Kaler

In today’s episode, the iPhreaks panel talks to Parveen Kaler about iOS architecture at scale. Parveen has been doing mobile development, specifically iOS development, for almost 10 years now, and he previously used to work in the video games industry. They talk about the difference between scale when it comes to dollars and revenue, the pull request process, and what good architecture at scale is. They also touch on creating uniform views, object mappers, and more!

Jul 26, 2018

iPS 249: RxSwift with Shai Mishali

In today’s episode, the iPhreaks panel talks to Shai Mishali about RxSwift. Shai is an iOS engineer who started his career as a backend engineer. Currently, he is in charge of the Tim Horton’s iOS app, and in his free time he does a lot of open source, specifically within the RxSwift community. They talk about how he got into programming, the difference between React and RxSwift, and they explain ReactiveX. They also touch on the downsides of Rx, how debugging works, and more!

Jul 19, 2018

iPS 248: Bugsee with Alex Fishman

In today’s episode, the iPhreaks panel talks to Alex Fishman about Bugsee. Alex the founder and CEO of Bugsee, which is a bug and crash reporting tool for mobile apps. Before going into the startup scene, he spent 16 years working in the digital camera space before the iPhone took over. They talk about what Bugsee is and how it works, how Bugsee protects privacy, other use cases for Bugsee, and more!

Andrew Madsen