iPS 280: Siri Shortcuts with Christina Moulton

iPS 280: Siri Shortcuts with Christina Moulton

January 07, 2020

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In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Christina Moulton. She starts by sharing her story and how she got into iOS development. The panel briefly discusses her work at Square and what she does there. The panel asks her about her talk at try!Swift about Siri Shortcuts. 


The panel asks Christina what terminology to use when discussing Siri shortcuts, she explains that the terminology is so confusing.  Shortcuts are simple from the app’s perspective but Christina shows the panel just how complicated they are from the systems perspective. She defines intents for the panel and explains how filing intents are what creates these shortcuts. 


These shortcuts can do so much and the panel considers the uses of these shortcuts in home automation. Just by entering or leaving your home you trigger a series of shortcuts that powered down your house and lock up or turn on the lights and texts your family. They also consider how the system predictions the needs of the user. 


The panel discusses the visual and voice output and the quality of each on different devices. They wonder at the regulations and testing apple puts towards these intents and shortcuts. Christina explains how she tests intents and shortcuts to make sure that they create a working Siri flow. The panel compares other SDKs and Siri. Christina finishes the episode by sharing a bit about her book. 


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