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Jul 07, 2020

iPS 297: Keyboard Controls with Douglas Hill

Douglas Hill and Charles Max Wood discuss keyboard control with UIKit apps. Mac Catalyst came out and made keyboard relevant on Mac where UIKit was mostly focused on iOS before. The discussion goes into the ins and outs of Mac Catalyst, the new iPad with its keyboard, and then how to think about keyboard inputs if you're used to working on touch screen devices.

Jun 30, 2020

iPS 296: Swift on Raspberry PI with Marc Aupont

Alex Bush is joined by Marc Aupont who talks about running Swift on Raspberry PI. They talk about how conceptually development for Raspberry PI happens and how specifically it’s implemented with Swift. They also talk about the setup and how to get started developing for Raspberry PI using Swift.

Jun 23, 2020

iPS 295: Finding the Silver Lining in Hard Times

Given the current state of the world, we've been put into a position where things have lost jobs or lost in other areas of life. The panel discusses how to make the most of things when hard things come your way.

Jun 16, 2020

iPS 294: Improving Performance on the SoundCloud App with Esteban Torres

Esteban Torres is an iOS developer at SoundCloud. He walks the iPhreaks through the process of upgrading the performance of their iOS app. Their app started out taking 2 hours to launch when they were testing. They started out fixing their tracking and then worked on one improvement at a time.

Jun 09, 2020

iPS 293: Questions Every iOS Developer Should Be Able to Answer

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show, Charles Max Wood approaches Alex Bush to get questions answered about some of the applications he wants to build for mobile devices. The apps range from things for podcasters to other hobbies Chuck has.

Jun 02, 2020

iPS 292: Evolving Apps and Hacking Around with Eric Crichlow

Eric Crichlow joined the iPhreaks to talk about the journey of building a gifting app he build and the process of maintaining the application. He also talks about how he learns through personal projects and how he's worked the evolve an app from desktop to iOS.

May 26, 2020

iPS 291: App Store Subscriptions with Jacob Eiting

Jacob Eiting, CEO and co-founder of RevenueCat joins Soojin and Chuck to talk about the ins and outs of running subscriptions through the Apple App Store. He shares advice on getting started, challenges with StoreKit, and ends with a couple of concise points on what to make sure you do when you run a subscription.

May 19, 2020

iPS 290: Building Community Based Apps with Tamar Nachmany

Tamar Nachmany joins the iPhreaks to discuss building applications that serve specific communities in allowing them to communicate and connect. She discusses the approaches used at Tumblr and other companies and how to learn enough about your community to build the correct interface.

May 12, 2020

iPS 289: Building Discoverable Apps with Dave Verwer

Dave Verwer is the curator of iOS Dev Weekly. He also runs several other projects around the iOS community including the iOS Dev Directory. The show starts out talking about how Dave find the links he adds to the newsletter. He actually came to talk about building discoverable apps, meaning making your applications easy to navigate and feel more natural on iOS devices. We also discuss accessibility and the built in features that Apple provides in iOS.

May 05, 2020

iPS 288: Accessibility, Dynamic Type, and Voiceover with Jeff Watkins

Former Apple iOS engineer Jeff Watkins joins the iPhreaks to discuss accessibility and the capabilities Apple provides to support Dynamic Type and VoiceOver. He also talks about other forms of considerate apps and the things that you should be doing to build, test, and use apps to see how others will experience them.

Apr 21, 2020

iPS 287: Gaming Engines and Game Development with Andrey Volodin

Andrey is an iOS developer. He worked on Cocos2D and has worked on other gaming systems and has not worked much on UIKit. He walks through building games and gaming engines for iOS.

Mar 31, 2020

iPS 286: Building Augmented Reality Apps using AI with Soojin Ro

Soojin Ro gave a talk and demo of an Augmented Reality application he built at try!Swift NYC Conference.. He walks Chuck and Alex through how to build and design Augmented Reality applications and how you need to think about translating details from your camera to targets on your screen.

Mar 17, 2020

iPS 285: The Life of an Image on iOS with Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan is a mobile developer at Buffer. He gave a talk at Swift Tokyo. He goes into the issues around images and TableView. He went to WWDC and got a rundown of how images work under the hood on iOS. This episode is a conversation with Alex Bush about how images work on iOS and how to work around the issues that arise from your assumptions about how images are displayed, decoded, and managed on iOS.

Mar 03, 2020

iPS 284: Accessibility and Considerate Apps with Jeffrey Bergier

Former Apple iOS engineer Jeff Bergier joins the iPhreaks to discuss accessibility and the capabilities Apple provides to support Dynamic Type and VoiceOver. He also talks about other forms of considerate apps and the things that you should be doing to build, test, and use apps to see how others will experience them.

Feb 11, 2020

iPS 283: Charting Your Course

Charles Max Wood hosts a solo episode sharing his perspective on designing your perfect life. In this episode he addresses finding your dream job, building your dream life, and staying current. Start by deciding where you want to end up. Do you see yourself retiring? Working forever? Charles shares his vision for his future and discusses the retirements of others in his life.

Feb 04, 2020

iPS 282: The Art of Designing Code with Mischa Hildebrand

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews, Mischa Hildebrand, asking about a talk he gave at iOS Conf 2019. Mischa has a very varied background, he studied to become a physicist, then did some journalism on television and radio before finally going into iOS development. His background in journalism gave a unique perspective into writing code that is beautiful and easy to understand. Mischa shares principles from his days in journalism and applies them to programming.

Alex Bush
Jan 21, 2020

iPS 281: Our Builds

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel introduces themselves and discusses their favorite tools and what their builds look like. They share their journeys in iOS development and their experiences in large teams compared to smaller teams. They consider how iOS has changed since they first started iOS development.

Jan 07, 2020

iPS 280: Siri Shortcuts with Christina Moulton

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Christina Moulton. She starts by sharing her story and how she got into iOS development. The panel briefly discusses her work at Square and what she does there. The panel asks her about her talk at try!Swift about Siri Shortcuts.

Dec 24, 2019

iPS 279: Serverside Swift with Gopal Sharma

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Gopal Sharma who gave a talk at try! Swift 2018 about serverside Swift. He starts by sharing his background and how got into building stuff for the serverside. In his talk, Gopal outlined what is expected in a serverside framework and explains where Swift was at.

Alex Bush
Dec 10, 2019

iPS 278: App Marketing Hacks with Steve Young

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show Charles Max Wood interviews Steve Young, founder of shares was for apps to rise in rankings on the app stores. He shares specifics for both the Google and Apple app stores. The top thing people can do it to make sure they use keywords in titles, subtitles, and descriptions. He also explains the spanish-mexico localization.

Charles Max Wood

Steve Young
Oct 29, 2019

iPS 277: 100 Days of SwiftUI with Paul Hudson

In this episode of The iPhreaks Show the panel interviews well-known author Paul Hudson. Paul is the creator and editor of Hacking with Swift. He does talks all around the world and writes books about swift. Paul went to the recent WWDC and even managed to write a book while at the conference.

Oct 22, 2019

iPS 276: Automating Painful Things with David House

In this episode of The iPhreaks Show the panel interviews David House about Continous Integration and Continuous Delivery. David is an iOS developer currently living in Georgia. He has been working in iOS development since the iOS SDK was int beta. Right now he is working for a health care company, Kaiser Permanente.

Oct 15, 2019

iPS 275: Finding Quality Packages using SwiftPM Library with Dave Verwer

In this episode of The iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Dave Verwer about his new SwiftPM Library. Dave is an iOS developer from the UK, he’s been working with iOS since the beginning. He is mostly known for his weekly email newsletter, iOS Dev Weekly, which is released every Friday afternoon.

Oct 08, 2019

iPS 274: iOS Accessibility with Rob Whitaker

In this week’s episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Rob Whitaker, an expert in digital inclusion and accessibility. Rob starts by defining accessibility and explaining why it is important. He explains that 20% of the population has some form of disability, those customers need features to help the navigate applications. Everyone benefits from developers taking the time to think about their app works.

Sep 24, 2019

iPS 273: The Why's and How's of Keeping Current

In this week’s episode of The iPhreaks Show, Charles Max Wood (Chuck) shares some of his thoughts and advice for keeping current. He has started a keeping current email course through DevChat.TV and describes what lessons will be taught in this course. He encourages everyone to subscribe to the email course.