Front-End Hydration - JSJ 567

Front-End Hydration - JSJ 567

January 31, 2023

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Show Notes

Dan Shappir takes the lead for this week's panelist episode as he talks about hydration. Hydration is the technique of using client-side JavaScript to enhance server-rendered HTML with application state and interaction. In the context of Web performance, he explains why it is regarded as such an issue and its impact.

The second part of this episode is reviewing various ways in which modern frameworks, such as Qwik, Astro, Remix, and NextJS are trying to alleviate the impact of hydration:
  • Avoiding frameworks, to begin with
  • Faster hydration, e.g. Svelte, Solid
  • Progressive enhancement, e.g. Remix
  • Hydration slicing (+ progressive enhancement), e.g. Remix + React 18 (time slicing / isInputPending)
  • Islands of hydration, e.g. Astro, Fresh
  • Server Components, e.g. NextJS 13 React Server Components (SPA and streaming)
  • Resumability, e.q. Qwik, Marko

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