Qwik Part II With Misko Hevery - JSJ 563

Qwik Part II With Misko Hevery - JSJ 563

January 03, 2023

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Show Notes

Misko Hevery is the Chief Technology Officer at Builder.io. He is also the creator of Angular.io, known for zone.js, and helped co-create karma. He returns to the show to discuss "Qwik" in greater detail alongside AJ and Steve. No matter how complex your website is, Qwik provides the fastest possible page load times. In contrast to other frameworks, Qwik has special features that make it more user-friendly.

About This Episode

  • How Qwik addresses any issue
  • Different Qwik features that make it convenient and efficient to use
  • Overview of precision lazy-loading
  • Introduction to Mitosis

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