What is a BFF? - .NET 110

What is a BFF? - .NET 110

March 08, 2022

Show Notes

Wai and Caleb sit down to discuss how authentication is evolving and how it works in Blazor. Identity server is now Duende server and with that comes the Backend for Frontend (BFF) pattern. From an authentication persepective this pattern can benefit SPA's because of the way it handles cookies and tokens. Caleb is in the process of integrating a .NET 6 Blazor app with Identity server 4 (IDS4) and wanted to use BFF but it isn't an option. We discuss alternatives and how those alternatives might be viewed from the business and developer perspectives. Join us and find out where Caleb ended up on his authentication journey. Have you had to handle authentication in a Blazor app? Let us know on Twitter at @dotnet_Podcast.




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