RR 413: When Your Tools Interrupt Your Coding Process

RR 413: When Your Tools Interrupt Your Coding Process

May 21, 2019

Show Notes

  • Charles Max Wood
  • David Richards
  • Andrew Mason
  • Nate Hopkins
  • David Kimura
Episode Summary
In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panel discusses how having too many tools in your code can make things more complicated. They talk about if the processes and tools that hurt productivity should be taken out. They question if outdated but harmless tools should be updated for newer ones that have more functions.
They discuss the difficulty with adopting new tools since the setup process takes time away from production. They each talk about their different editor setups. The necessity of all this different tools is questioned. They note that there is a trend to take a good thing that solved a real-world problem and introduce it into places that it doesn’t need to be, making development more complex. 
It is advised that programmers focus on shipping an application rather than just writing the code in order to simplify tooling. They discuss whether backend as a service systems are part of the problem. They advise tech companies to consider if they are ever going to sell or migrate when considering a new tool. The panel talks about if it’s possible to end up fighting against the tools that have always been used rather than infrastructure or coding tools. They conclude by agreeing that it is important to be candid within companies to prevent this overtooling

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