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Jan 25, 2023

Shifting Away From CSS-in-JS With Sam Magura - RRU 211

Sam Magura is a Software developer at Spot. He joins the show alongside, Jack and TJ to talk about his article, "Why We're Breaking Up with CSS-in-JS". He was the second most active maintainer of Emotion, a widely-popular CSS-in-JS library for React. But realized it came with a big performance cost and added unnecessary complexity. He describes the specific inefficiencies that he has encountered while using it and how he came to realize them. Moreover, he talks about his solution to these performance problems.

Jan 18, 2023

A Shift In Focus With Jack Franklin - RRU 210

Jack Franklin is working on Chrome DevTools as a Frontend Engineer at Google. He joins the show to talk about his article, "Why I don't miss React: a story about using the platform". He explains why he wrote his article and about his experience working with ChromeDevTools. Additionally, he dives into the advantages of Web components and its difference from React. He tackles all of the key points of his article.

Jan 11, 2023

Predictions For 2023 - RRU 209

Talking about their 2023 Hot Takes and predictions, Jack, Paige, and TJ tackle this week's Panelist episode. They discuss their hopes for this year as well as potential improvements to the various languages and technologies. Additionally, they also dive into some of the software development tools and share their recommendations and expectations for them.

Jan 04, 2023

Jumpstart Your React Career With Collin Pfeifer - RRU 208

Collin Pfeifer, writer, software engineer, and student at Indiana University joins the React Round Up panel to discuss the intricacies and pitfalls in Create React App, the roadmap of being a self-taught developer, and how the computer education system has changed over the years.

Dec 22, 2022

New Features in Storybook with Shaun Evening - RRU 207

Chromatic developer experience engineer Shaun Evening joins the React Round Up hosts to talk about all the new features rolling out with the release of Storybook 7. Have you ever wanted to combine your Storybook integration with Material UI, Ant Design, or any other component library? Well, Storybook's making it easier than ever, and that's just the beginning. A new offering called Integrations allows users to add all sorts of plugins to their Storybook workflows for even more functionality, and has "recipes" to help you get the most out of your Storybook. Follow Shaun on Twitter for all the latest and greatest happening at Chromatic:

Dec 14, 2022

New React features, MDX and Docusaurus with Sebastien Lorber - RRU 206

Sebastien Lorber, Docusaurus maintainer at Meta and This Week in React newsletter creator, joins the React Round Up panel to discuss the latest and greatest in React 18, including lesser-known hooks and features that are making the framework more useful and performant than ever before. He also deep dives into why Docusaurus (maintained by Meta/Facebook) has become such a popular static site generator for companies and dev teams in all industries to document their products, APIs, software, and more. Learn more about the most exciting new developments in the React ecosystem by listening now and stay up to date with new developments by signing up for Sebastien's free This Week in React newsletter.

Dec 07, 2022

Finding Hidden Gems in Your React Upgrades - RRU 205

The React Round Up panel joins the show as Jack takes the lead to talk about the various improvements made in the React Ecosystem. Additionally, they offer their thoughts and insights on these updates and share their potential value to the developers. They also talk about whether these features have an impact when used in apps.

Nov 24, 2022

How To Recession Proof Your Job - BONUS

Are you looking at all the layoffs and uncertainty going on and wondering if your company is the next to cut back? Or, maybe you're a freelancer or entrepreneur who is trying to figure out how to deliver more value to gain or retain customers? Mani Vaya joins Charles Max Wood to discuss the one thing that both of them use to more than double their productivity on a daily basis. Mani has read 1,000's of productivity books over the last several years and has formulated a methodology for getting more done, but found that he lacked the discipline to follow through on his plans. The he found the one thing that kept him on track and made him so productive that he is now getting all of his work done and was able to live the life he wants. Chuck also weighs in on how Mani's technique has worked for him and allows him to spend more time with his wife and kids, run a podcast network, and a nearly full time contract. Join the episode to learn how Chuck and Mani get into a regular flow state with their work and consistently deliver at work.

Mani Vaya
Nov 16, 2022

All Things Voice Recognition and JavaScript with Ian Lavery - RRU 204

Returning guest, Ian Lavery from, joins the hosts to talk all things voice recognition. He dives into new languages the company has tackled over the last year (and what languages it plans to tackle next year), how they train their models, and how Picovoice is actually running speech recognition in the browser instead of in the cloud, making things like captioning live streams and real-time chats possible with some of its newer tech Cheetah and Leopard.

Nov 09, 2022

Migrating From A Monolithic Ruby App To React With Nirmalya Ghosh - RRU 203

Nirmalya Ghosh joins the React Round Up panelists in this episode to talk about how he migrated a monolithic Ruby on Rails application to React. What was estimated to take 3 -6 months ended up taking about 2 years, and Nirmalya shares all the hard-won lessons he learned along the way for any listeners who might be preparing to make a similar upgrade. Additionally, he talks about the company he currently works for and how they're trying to become the one-stop shop for anyone looking for a good API online. Lots of interesting tidbits are packed into this episode!