MAS 055: David Bush

MAS 055: David Bush

Dave Bush


October 10, 2018

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Show Notes

Panel: Charles Max Wood
Guest: David Bush
This week on My Angular Story, Charles speaks with David Bush who is working with Bloomberg after twenty (plus!) years of being self-employed. Charles and David talk about his current projects he’s working on, plus his impressive background. Listen to them talk about JavaScript, C++, David’s books, and much more!
In particular, we dive pretty deep on:
1:34 – Episode 203, which came out a few months ago. Check-out this past episode with David. “Where to Store Angular Configurations” with Dave Bush. 
2:13 – Chuck: We are here to catch your story. Let people know who you are.
2:27 – David: I have been in programming for 30 years. Recently in the .NET space, and also in the Angular space for 4 years.
3:02 – Chuck: JavaScript has been around for 20 years. How did
3:12 – David: I need to back-up a little bit. It’s unique. I wasn’t raised around computers.
3:43 – Chuck: We are having a microphone issue.
3:55 – David: I didn’t have access to a computer back in the day. By the time I got to college I knew summer camps and maintenance. Senior year the PC started making a break-through. I had friends who made computers in their dorm room. That looked really interesting. I mean build by soldering, and pretty hardcore. I went to engineering school. Senior year, but I went to school on a large portion of grants. It was too late to change my major. I worked for Radio Shack in Chicago. They encouraged us to bring things home. I brought these computers home and played with them. I got into Pascal among other things. I couldn’t get Pascal to work in my brain. Next, I learned C. If I cannot make C work then I will give up and do something else with my life. C was mathematical and that’s my brain. My wife encouraged me to go back to school – I went to DePaul through their Career Change Path.
7:14 – Chuck.
7:18 – David: It was similar to a boot camp.
7:43 – David and Chuck.
7:52 – Chuck: When did you settle on JavaScript?
7:55 – David: Settle. When the Internet became publically available and wrote my website through Notepad.
David continues this conversation.
9:30 – Chuck: Are you primarily a Dot Net developer?
9:43 – David: Primarily; also, C++. 
10:55 – Chuck: How did you get into being self-employed?
11:07 – David: That was the plan all along. When you are self-employed you have multiple bosses! I got fired from my last job and working with agencies. So I count that time as being self-employed then, too. In 2000, I switched to LLC and more direct contracts.
12:45 – Chuck: How do you find contracts?
12:51 – David: Started working for Bloomberg and then later they converted me to being an employer. It was attractive, so I am not an employee.
13:24 – Chuck: What things are you proud of and what contributions have you made within the community?
13:29 – David: The writing in my blogs.
14:20 – Chuck: How do you get into blogging – and how is it successful?
14:44 – David: Keep writing. Sometimes I think: this article will be awesome and it will fall flat. But then the times I don’t think it’s good those are the articles that blowup. You can’t tell. The other thing is you need to have a thick skin.
15:29 – Chuck: True with podcasting as well.
15:36 – David: You will never make anyone happy. You learn to read the comment for the content and not the attitude behind it. Take the value out of the content that you can. The blog is just for me. I write so I have some place to point my colleagues to. It’s for me to retrieve information. The blog really is for me.
16:56 – Chuck: What are you working on now?
17:00 – David answers this question.
19:07 – David continues the talk.
David: I posted my book through GitHub and took it off of Amazon.
A long-term goal of mine is...
I am interested in functional programming, too.
20:41 – Chuck: That’s cool. I am a huge fan of making things accessible of where they are at. The Vue portion of Angular why couldn’t we switch that out.
21:08 – David: Dependency injection doesn’t mix well l with React.
For all of my code, I put all my logic in...
21:45 – Chuck: How can people find you?
21:53 – David: LinkedIn is my best one. Twitter, GitHub, etc.
23:09 – Chuck: LinkedIn. Facebook I am more discerning because I post pictures of my children there.
23:41 – Chuck: Awesome – if people want to get your book?
23:50 – David: I will send you those links. See links below.
24:07 – Chuck: Picks!
  • How you do anything is how you do everything – for example: dress a little better.
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you mess up.