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Apr 12, 2022

What's New with Elm? ft. Lindsay Wardell - JSJ 527

Elm is a functional language that compiles to JavaScript and runs in the browser. Lindsay Wardell from NoRedInk joins the JavaScript Jabber panel this week to discuss her background with Vue and Elm. The discussion ranges into how Lindsay got into Elm and how it differs and solves some of the issues that crop up when people build apps with JavaScript.

Mar 29, 2022

React Component and State Management - JSJ 526

This episode is Part 3 of the Dan Shappir trilogy. Today, he’s laying out the deets on components and state management inside of React, plus some exciting developments coming later this year. In This Episode 1) Why you ought to know the “ideal” situation for React components (and how to get there!) 2) These new “front-end paradigms” that are going to CHANGE how we approach React and others 3) SUPER exciting developments coming for React in 2022

Mar 15, 2022

Supply Chain Security - Part 2 - JSJ 525

There’s always more to learn about security, especially nowadays. In this episode, the Jabberers continue their conversation with Feross Aboukhadijeh about supply chain security. You can never be too careful! (Well…maybe.) “The most important thing you can do is have a mindset shift around dependencies.” _ _- Feross Aboukhadijeh In This Episode 1) How the BEST way to keep your security tight is NOT done on the computer 2) Why we’re seeing a trend toward THESE kinds of packages in 2022 3) What you NEED to know about dependencies and their expiration dates

Mar 08, 2022

Supply Chain Security - Part 1 - JSJ 524

Malware attacks are scary, so preparation is keys. In this episode, the Jabberers talk with Feross Aboukhadijeh, a developer who’s redefining malware detection to help you prepare for the next assault. “It’s awesome that such small teams can make complex code, but it’s not enough to just scan for vulnerabilities.” -Feross Aboukhadijeh In This Episode 1) This SCARY trend in supple chain malware attacks (and how to prepare) 2) Why tools like Socket are VERY different from common malware detection 3) How companies in 2022 are addressing their security (and what they’re looking for in developers to help them)

Mar 01, 2022

OAuth Explained - JSJ 523

Is OAuth all it’s cracked up to be? In this episode, the Jabberers sit down with Dan Moore, an expert in the OAuth world. They discuss the GIANT perks of OAuth (even if you’re a beginner), how to fix OAuth’s biggest issues, and what you NEED to watch out for in OAuth if you’re a prospective client. “The end goal of OAuth is let someone else handle authentication, and based on tokens you get, you have the insurance that the authentication was valid.” - Dan Moore In This Episode 1) The HUGE perks of using OAuth in 2022 (and how to get started) 2) What you SHOULD be looking for in OAuth as a client 3) How to resolve OAuth’s biggest drawbacks and feel confident in your security

Feb 22, 2022

Front End Architecture - JSJ 522

In this episode, the Jabberers sit down with Gil Fink, a Microsoft vet and Google developer who’s gonna convince why having front architecture is a no-brainer. They discuss what differentiates it from components, how “memory floods” are washing away developers (and why they’re causing them!), and the BEST way to move between architectures without losing your mind. “You need to understand all the moving parts in your architecture.” - Gil Fink In This Episode 1) What makes front end architecture VERY different from components 2) The BIGGEST problems around “prop drilling” between your components (and how libraries really help) 3) How “memory floods” overwhelm developers…and why they don’t even realize they’re causing them! 4) The CORRECT way to move between architectures without screwing yourself

Feb 15, 2022

How to Become a Senior Developer with Shem Magnezi - JSJ 521

Want to know what makes a senior developer? We know a thing or two. In this episode, the Jabberers sit down with Shem Magnezi, a senior developer at Wilco who shares what he’s learned over his seasoned career. They talk about the do’s and don’ts of being a manager, why small and large companies share this ONE feature, and a HUGE mindset reset that will keep you ahead of the game. “It’s important for people to understand where they can make an impact.” - Shem Magnezi In This Episode 1) The KEY differences between smaller and larger companies (and how to hedge your bets when applying) 2) What separates the novice from the expert in a company (and what managers are looking for!) 3) If you’re considering the managerial route, consider THIS risk before going down that road 4) Why THIS mindset shift will make your job easier AND make a larger impact on your company

Feb 08, 2022

Web3 with Nik Kalyani - JSJ 520

Feel like you don’t know enough about Web3? Don’t worry, neither do we. That’s where these podcasts come in! In this new episode, the Jabberers sit down with Nik Kalyani, the founder of Decentology and overall Web3 expert. The gang discusses the “big D” of Web3 (and why you need to understand it), how Web3 changes the game for blockchain and the like, and how Web3 is going to make gaming bigger AND more lucrative. “For developers, Web3 equals a green field of opportunity!” - Nik Kalyani In This Episode 1. The “big D” that you NEED to know to understand Web3 (and why it’s about more than just the tech) 2. The BIGGEST concern about Web2 that Web3 is trying to solve (and how it changes privacy for everyone) 3. How to navigate NFTs, blockchain, and more buzzwords in Web3 4.The future of Java with Web3 (and why it’s easier than Web2!) 5. How Web3 is changing the game for gaming

Feb 01, 2022

Sorting through the Script (AJ vs. Dan Shappir) - JSJ 519

Want to watch AJ and Dan Shappir do battle LIVE? You’re in the luck! In this episode, the jabberers go deep on the nuances of var, what we can all learn from C++ about coding, and Dan’s go-to remedies for keeping your Script nice, neat, and not-chaotic. In This Episode 1.The ONE rule you need know about var (and how it affects the future of JavaScript) 2.Why C++ allows variables to execute the code while JavaScript doesn’t (and what we learn from this difference 3.The biggest drawback to all of JavaScript’s recent changes (and how to avoid tripping over yourself) 4.Dan’s go-to remedies for keeping your Script tidy and variables obedient

Nov 23, 2021

Do You Have Dev FOMO? ft. Yoav Ganbar - JSJ 510

Yoav Ganbar joins the Jabber crew to discuss Dev FOMO. He leads the panel through a discussion about adopting technologies and knowing about new niches. The panel discusses how to stay on top of the movements in our ecosystem and when we should prioritize other things.

Nov 16, 2021

SEO for Developers ft. Mordy Oberstein - JSJ 509

Mordy Oberstein joins the JavaScript Jabber panel to discuss SEO and how what seems like a marketing concern is relevant and exciting for developers. SEO is working with a black box with regards to Google since Google and other search engines don't tell you anything about how they adjust their search algorithms. Mordy walks through how developers can contribute to the issues around showing up in search engine results.

Nov 09, 2021

State Management ft. Assaf Krintza - JSJ 508

Assaf Krintza joins the JavaScript Jabber panel to discuss the various approaches and uses for state management in web applications. Some of the focus is on React, but many of the tools and approaches work in or have similar options in the other web frameworks.

Nov 02, 2021

D3 and Data Visualization ft. Ian Johnson - JSJ 507

Ian Johnson is a former Google UX engineer and data visualization engineer with ObservableHQ building data visualizations with JavaScript. He works on both the tools and the visualizations built with D3 on the web. He discusses how to use tools like D3 to tell a story using your data.

Oct 26, 2021

MeteorJS ft. Filipe Névola - JSJ 506

Filipe Névola is the CEO of MeteorJS. He jumps in to discuss the changes and updates to Meteor over the last several years. He explains what Meteor is, what its history is, and how it lands within the current JavaScript ecosystem. You can use it to build web and mobile apps and is a mature option to use for your applications.

Oct 19, 2021

Creeds of Craftsmanship - JSJ 505

This week, the JavaScript Jabber panel discusses the various "Creeds of Craftsmanship" from the programming languages out there. They discuss the different principles and the unifying concepts they all have alongside the ethos of what makes each language's approach to programming unique.