Web3 with Nik Kalyani - JSJ 520

Web3 with Nik Kalyani - JSJ 520

Nik Kalyani


February 08, 2022

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Show Notes

Feel like you don’t know enough about Web3? Don’t worry, neither do we. That’s where these podcasts come in! In this new episode, the Jabberers sit down with Nik Kalyani, the founder of Decentology and overall Web3 expert. The gang discusses the “big D” of Web3 (and why you need to understand it), how Web3 changes the game for blockchain and the like, and how Web3 is going to make gaming bigger AND more lucrative.
“For developers, Web3 equals a green field of opportunity!”
- Nik Kalyani
In This Episode
  1.  The “big D” that you NEED to know to understand Web3 (and why it’s about more than just the tech)
  2.  The BIGGEST concern about Web2 that Web3 is trying to solve (and how it changes privacy for everyone)
  3.  How to navigate NFTs, blockchain, and more buzzwords in Web3
  4.  The future of Java with Web3 (and why it’s easier than Web2!)
  5.  How Web3 is changing the game for gaming
Special Guest: Nik Kalyani .
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