Virtual DOM and the React Way, Part Deux - JSJ 518

Virtual DOM and the React Way, Part Deux - JSJ 518

January 25, 2022

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Show Notes

This episode is a continuation of Javascript Jabber 512, so head over there before tuning into this one! In this Part 2, the Jabberers and Dan Shappir discuss THE difference between Svelte vs. virtual DOM and React, the most noticeable pros and cons of React when a DOM’s around, and how “partial rendering” is changing the game. Per usual, Steve’s dad jokes are 100% funny.
_“This separation that the VDom creates between the representation of the UI and the actual UI is a really powerful one.”
  • Dan Shappir_
In This Episode
The BIGGEST difference between Svelte and virtual DOM + React (and when to use one or the other)
 React’s noticeable pros and cons when a DOM gets involved (and how much they’ll affect your workflow in 2022)
 What to watch out for in case you get locked into a vendor (and which vendors to consider)
 How “partial rendering” is changing the game (and created a whole new model where React is the “middleman”)
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