Simplifying Slinkity with Anthony Campolo

Simplifying Slinkity with Anthony Campolo

January 11, 2022

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Show Notes

Ever feel overwhelmed by the crazy number of new frameworks? We’ve got a solution for you. In this episode, the JavaScript jamboree sits down with Anthony Campolo, a software developer who’s spreading the word about a powerful yet flexible new tool--Slinkity. They talk about how Slinkity answers the age-old question and simplifies everything, how to prevent the nasty “uncanny valley” from rearing its head during loading, and why eBay and Slinkity are on the same page about “the basics”.
“I think Slinkity is an interesting new way to build websites in a framework-agnostic way. It’s like using little sprinkles of JavaScript!”
  • Anthony Campolo
In This Episode:
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all these new frameworks, Anthony explains how Slinkity simplifies it all
 How to effectively use Slinkity’s bundling capabilities with Vite and other tools
 What tools and techniques you need to prevent an “uncanny valley” from popping up every time you sit down to program
 Remember eBay? Anthony explains how Slinkity and eBay are making programmers want to “go back to the basics”.
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Special Guest: Anthony Campolo.
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