Runtime Security With Gal Weizman - JSJ 565

Runtime Security With Gal Weizman - JSJ 565

Gal Weizman


January 17, 2023

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Show Notes

Gal Weizman has professionally done Browser JavaScript security research for almost a decade and currently works in MetaMask. He joins the show to explain more about his profession as a "Browser Javascript Internals Expert." Moreover, he then talks about his project, "Snow". It is a JavaScript shim that applies an important defense mechanism in the browser to the web app's runtime to allow them to secure their same origin realms. 

About this Episode

  • Understanding more Supply Chain Security
  • How Snow ❄️ functions
  • How Snow provides added security to your apps
  • Learning more about Realm and Realm Security
  • All about LavaMoat

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