JSJ 440: Why Serverless with Gareth McCumskey

JSJ 440: Why Serverless with Gareth McCumskey

July 14, 2020

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Gareth McCumskey, a Solutions Architect in Cape Town, South Africa engages the panelists of JavaScript Jabber in an informative discussion about the broad topic of serverless. The JavaScript expert explains that serverless is essentially a way to use the existing managed services of the cloud in building a solution. He expounded on the different ways in which to employ the use of serverless.


  • AJ O’Neal
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Steve Edwards
  • Dan Shappir


  • Gareth McCumskey



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Gareth McCumskey:


AJ O’Neal:

Steve Edvards:

Charles Max Wood:

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Special Guest: Gareth McCumskey.

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