Can JAMstack do REAL Web Apps? with James Q Quick - JSJ 517

Can JAMstack do REAL Web Apps? with James Q Quick - JSJ 517

January 18, 2022

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Show Notes

But really…can it? It absolutely can AND a lot more. In this new episode of JavaScript Jabber, the roundtable sits down with James Q Quick, a software developer, podcast host, and overall future-enthusiast. The team discusses what the “JAM” in JAMstack means for developers, how it’s making integrating features (like payment processing) a breeze, and what you NEED to know about JAMstack going into 2022.
“None of these individual tools are new, but JAMstack just became a new way to combine those things with static content and leverage those concepts.”
- James Quick
In This Episode
Why JAMstack is more than just individual pieces clumped together (and could be replacing how developers do business)
 How the “JAM” in JAMstack is allowing developers to pick and choose the services they want (without knowing all the nitty gritty details)
 James lays out how JAMstack makes payment processing a no-brainer (and it’s not just Twitter hype)
 New features and apps for JAMstack that you NEED to know in 2022
 Where JAMstack is shows its power and ease-of-use (and why you should have some “secret sauce” in your cabinet)
Special Guest: James Quick.
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