Adventures in Machine Learning


Ben Wilson

Michael Berk

Charles Max Wood

Gant Laborde

Daniel Svoboda

Jason Mayes

Beril Sirmacek

Miguel Morales

Francois Bertrand



Nov 03, 2020

ML 012: Machine Learning for Mere Mortals with Nick Chase

Nick Chase is the author of the video series “Machine Learning for Mere Mortals.” He helps break down some of the misconceptions about how complicated Machine Learning is and the magical parts of the science. He and the panelists then dive into the basics of what you need to know and break up the scary sounding terms and mathematical concepts into bite size pieces.

Oct 27, 2020

ML 011: History of AI in the UK with Laurence Moroney

In this episode of Adventures in Machine Learning, the panelists chat with Laurence Moroney about the history of AI in the UK. We talk about the AI overlords, ethics, and the need for teaching. Industry revolutions and how we can adapt them to improve life. Laurence is working on new synthetic datasets so tune in and check it out!

Oct 20, 2020

ML 010: Brains, Guitars, and JavaScript with Milecia McGregor

In this episode of Adventures in Machine Learning, Charles and Gant chat with Milecia about applying AI to UI/UX and the conversation takes a creative turn as they discuss plenty of other fun-filled and exciting topics she’s working on. There’s banter about self-driving cars and golf carts as they apply AI/ML to practical and non-practical uses.

Oct 13, 2020

ML 009: Effective Machine Learning in Academia and Industry with Hassan Kane

In this week’s episode of Adventures in Machine Learning we have Hassan Kane, data scientist lead at Entropy Labs. Hassan discusses his journey from being raised in Ivory Coast, Africa to getting his education in computer science from MIT, to his discovery and embracing of machine learning. Hassan discusses various applications of machine learning, including that of NASA, satellites and edge devices..

Oct 06, 2020

ML 008: TensorFlow.js and YOU with Jason Mayes

TensorFlow is a machine learning library that allows a user to program deep learning architectures. It is normally associated with backend programming languages like Python and is written in C++, but what if you can utilize it in Javascript to program deep learning models for frontend web applications. Guest Jason Mayes talks about doing this with Tensorflow JS.

Sep 29, 2020

ML 007: Computer Vision & AI Scientist with Beril Sirmacek

Beril Sirmacek is a data scientist and an assistant professor at Jonkoping University. She explains what computer vision is, what type of projects are done with it, and her own work regarding it.

Sep 22, 2020

ML 006: Mad Science AI with Benson Ruan

Benson Ruan talks about his experiences as a machine learning tech lead for a fintech company in Sydney, Australia. He goes over his education in machine learning from Coursera, especially doing Andrew Ng’s deep learning course that started his journey up to his current position.

Sep 15, 2020

ML 005: Transfer Learning for NLP with Daniel Svoboda

One of the hottest fields right now in machine learning is natural language processing. Whether it’s getting sentiment from tweets, summarizing your documents, sarcasm detection, or predicting stock trends from the news, NLP is definitely the wave of the future. Special guest Daniel Svoboda talks about transfer learning and the latest developments such as BERT that promises to revolutionize NLP even further.

Sep 11, 2020

ML 004: Automated Machine Learning ML with Jorge Torres

Implementing deep learning algorithms require knowledge of various DL libraries, how to interface outside files or streaming data to it, along with tuning all sorts of parameters. Deep Learning also does not give you much explanation on what features contribute to a model working well. Jorge Torres discusses MindsDB, a new framework for AutoML that simplifies implementation of neural network models for researchers, along with providing explanation of features.

Sep 10, 2020

ML 003: Your GPU Brain with Robert Plummer

Machine learning is a complex subject that requires knowledge in many various subjects such as linear algebra, probability, algorithms, calculus, etc. But what if you could simplify machine learning to the extent that a child would be able to grasp it? Robert Plummer discusses incorporating machine learning for Javascript and opens up a whole new paradigm.

Sep 09, 2020

ML 002: DeOldify Your Life with Jason Antic

GANS are one of the revolutionary breakthroughs in machine/deep learning as they are able to create authentic facial images. One of the latest breakthroughs has been with reconstructing actual images of the Roman Emperors using their busts and frescos. Special guest Jason Antic talks about GANs and his work with deOldify, an application to color and restore images.

Sep 08, 2020

ML 001: The Adventures in Machine Learning First Steps

In this first episode of Adventures in Machine Learning the panel talks about what machine learning is and what the podcast is about. Machine learning is rapidly becoming the future for many industries like banking, telecommunications, advertisements, etc. Yet there are so many subjects involved with it that novices may find it intimidating to get into, let alone start with.