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Dec 01, 2022

MLflow 2.0 And How Large-Scale Projects Are Managed In The Open Source - ML 096

Corey Zumar talks about the new release of MLflow, 2.0, and what the new major features that are included in the release. Bilal and Corey then discuss managing feature implementation priorities, and selling large-scale project ideas to internal customers, end-users, executives, and the dev team. The discussion also centers around generalizing feature requests to implementations that will work for the masses and how to effectively do prototype releases for incremental agile development for complex projects.

Nov 24, 2022

How To Recession Proof Your Job - BONUS

Are you looking at all the layoffs and uncertainty going on and wondering if your company is the next to cut back?    Or, maybe you're a freelancer or entrepreneur who is trying to figure out how to deliver more value to gain or retain customers?    Mani Vaya joins Charles Max Wood to discuss the one thing that both of them use to more than double their productivity on a daily basis.    Mani has read 1,000's of productivity books over the last several years and has formulated a methodology for getting more done, but found that he lacked the discipline to follow through on his plans.    The he found the one thing that kept him on track and made him so productive that he is now getting all of his work done and was able to live the life he wants.    Chuck also weighs in on how Mani's technique has worked for him and allows him to spend more time with his wife and kids, run a podcast network, and a nearly full time contract.    Join the episode to learn how Chuck and Mani get into a regular flow state with their work and consistently deliver at work. 

Mani Vaya
Nov 24, 2022

Should you Context Switch when Writing Code? - ML 095

Do you multitask? If so, you'll want to check out this episode. We'll cover...