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Mar 25, 2023

How we Deploy our Apps - AiA 375

Chuck and Lucas join this week's panelist episode to talk about ways how to deploy applications and some of the past and current services they have used. Chuck takes the lead as he dives into some of his past experiences in deployment.

Mar 19, 2023

Angular Structural Directives and Their Microsyntax - AiA 374

Chuck and Lucas join this week's panelist episode discussing Angular Structural Directives and Their Microsyntax. They kick us off as Lucas explains the concept of Structural directives, and how developers might use them to their advantage.

Mar 12, 2023

How to Succeed in Content Creation - AiA 373

Chuck and Lucas join this week's panelist episode as they talk about "content creation". They start off as they dive into different ways of monetizing your content. Additionally, they talk about approaches on how to capture the interest of the audience to get them to subscribe to your courses.

Mar 05, 2023

Standalone Structure with Nx - AiA 372

Colum Ferry is a Senior Software Engineer at Nrwl. He joins the show to discuss "Component-First Architecture with Standalone Components and Nx". He begins by explaining the concept of the article. He also elaborates more about Nx and its amazing features for developers.

Feb 23, 2023

Functional Programming in TypeScript - AiA 371

Lucas Paganini is the CEO of He takes on this week's solo episode to talk about a library called, "fp-ts". It gives developers access to popular patterns and secure abstractions from typed functional languages in Typescript. He discusses some of the issues that the library resolves.

Feb 19, 2023

Angular Setup And Workflow - AiA 370

Chuck, Lucas, and Subrat join this panelist episode to talk about setup and workflow for working in angular apps. They begin by discussing their thoughts on Visual Studio Code. Additionally, they tackle its features and VS code extensions that make working with angular apps easier.

Feb 12, 2023

Becoming a Google Developer Expert in Angular - AiA 369

Alain Chautard is a certified Google Developer in Angular and he works as an individual consultant for Angular projects. He joins the show to discuss his career as an Angular expert and Angular mentor. He talks about his projects and his blog. He offers advice on how to become a Google Developer Expert and discusses his experience in the field.

Feb 03, 2023

Tailwind CSS - AiA 368

Chuck, Lucas, and Subrat join this panelist episode to talk about Tailwind CSS. They begin by discussing their perspectives and knowledge gained by using Tailwind. They tackle its benefits and impact on your applications.

Jan 27, 2023

Latest Versions Of NgRx v14 & v15 - AiA 367

Armen Vardanyan is a Google Developer Expert for Angular, and Frontend Team Lead at Volo. He returns to the show to discuss his article, "Using NgRx Packages with Standalone Angular Features". He talks about how to use NgRx packages with standalone features.

Jan 19, 2023

Angular's Custom Form Components - AiA 366

Charles, Lucas, and Subrat take on this week's panelist episode as they tackle all about Custom Form Components. Lucas starts off the episode by explaining different methods on how you can effortlessly and with ease create custom form components. Moreover, Subrat shares his own insight on some other techniques for creating forms depending on how complex your form is.

Jan 12, 2023

Writing Clean Http Service Methods With Walid Bouguima - AiA 365

Walid Bouguima is a Software Engineer at Hilti Group. He joins the show with Chuck, Lucas, and Subrat to discuss his article, " Angular Clean Http Service Methods: Handle Your Backend Communication With Ease". He explains his goals and reasons why he created this method and what advantages it may bring to developers in the Angular community. Moreover, the panel shares their own perspective and some tips about Walid's article.

Jan 05, 2023

Standalone Components With Marek Panti - AiA 364

Marek Panti is an Angular developer at UNIQA Insurance Group AG. He joins the panel to talk about his article, "Angular Standalone Components". Standalone components simplify the process of creating Angular applications. He explains how he was able to come up with the idea for his article.

Dec 23, 2022

State Management with RxJS - AiA 363

Amal Ayyash is a UX Designer and Front-end Developer. and her current main focus is Angular. She joins Chuck and Lucas to discuss her article, “RxJS-based state management in Angular”. She starts the show off by explaining the reason why she chose to use RxJS to create state management instead of using NgRX. She also gives advice to other developers, encouraging them to use their own frameworks or codes rather than third-party solutions.

Dec 15, 2022

Angular 15: The Good Parts - AiA 362

Chuck welcomes Lucas to the show as a regular host of Adventures in Angular. They begin by discussing Angular 15's most recent updates and what benefit it might have for the current. Lucas also offers his perspective on the new tools and what makes him excited to use them.

Dec 01, 2022

How to Advance Your Career without Grinding for Years - AiA 361

Each encounter teaches us a lesson. Every setback is a victory. Chuck and Subrat join the show as Chuck takes the lead in sharing his past work experiences and his inspiring journey towards his road to success. He also talks about his current plans for Top End Devs such as conferences, book clubs, and many more!

Nov 24, 2022

How To Recession Proof Your Job - BONUS

Are you looking at all the layoffs and uncertainty going on and wondering if your company is the next to cut back? Or, maybe you're a freelancer or entrepreneur who is trying to figure out how to deliver more value to gain or retain customers? Mani Vaya joins Charles Max Wood to discuss the one thing that both of them use to more than double their productivity on a daily basis. Mani has read 1,000's of productivity books over the last several years and has formulated a methodology for getting more done, but found that he lacked the discipline to follow through on his plans. The he found the one thing that kept him on track and made him so productive that he is now getting all of his work done and was able to live the life he wants. Chuck also weighs in on how Mani's technique has worked for him and allows him to spend more time with his wife and kids, run a podcast network, and a nearly full time contract. Join the episode to learn how Chuck and Mani get into a regular flow state with their work and consistently deliver at work.

Charles Max Wood

Mani Vaya
Nov 24, 2022

Unsubscribing Observables on Component Destroy With Lucas Paganini- AiA 360

Lucas Paganini is a content creator and developer. Together with his team creates educational content about web development through articles and YouTube tutorials. He has been working on Angular since 2017 and is the CEO of a remote company called Unvoid. He joins Chuck on the show to talk about his article, "Automatically Unsubscribe Observables on Destroy".

Nov 17, 2022

Change Detection Method in Angular - AiA 359

In this all-panelist episode, Armen comes back to the show to talk about one of his articles, “Change Detection without Change Detection. Change detection functions by helping rerender the UI when data changes. In this episode, he shares the importance of using his Change Detection technique to improve performance rather than using the built-in one.

Oct 06, 2022

Using the LocalStorage Object in Angular with Dany Paredes - AiA 358

In Angular apps, remembering user-preferred settings is an excellent way to provide a good experience for the users; you can save data in the user’s browser using the localStorage object, which provides methods for working the key-value data. Today on the show, GDE Angular expert Dany Paredes shares his insights about localStorage, how to learn about this API, and knowledge to build in Angular to save background color preferences.

Sep 22, 2022

Weekly Content Development Strategies with GDE Maina Wycliffe - AiA 357

Maina Wycliffe, Google Developer Expert in Angular, joins the show today to talk about his weekly newsletter called “All Things Typescript” and his various content and production strategies. Similarly, Charles also shares his perspective about how he has grown TopEndDevs.

Sep 08, 2022

How to Proxy HTTP Requests in Angular with Maria Korneeva - AiA 356

Maria Korneeva joins the show today to share her approach on how to proxy HTTP requests in Angular, including use cases and various strategies to make proxying simplified and useful to your Angular workflows.

Aug 18, 2022

Monorepos, Linting, and CI, Oh My! - AiA 354

Today on the show, Charles and Subrat interview Miroslav Jonas to discuss various approaches related to monorepos, linting and CI. Enjoy this broad conversation as the panel shares their industry insights on these various topics and strategies you can start to implement today.

Aug 11, 2022

Code Practice: Become a Top 1% Developer - AiA 353

Do you want to level up in your career? Do you want to become a top 1% developer? Today on the show, Charles provides three simple steps you can implement today to help get you there.

Jul 28, 2022

Async Angular Testing and Introducing AG Charts - AiA 352

If you are testing an Angular application, then at some point, you will be required to test asynchronous behavior. Today on the show, guests Stephen Cooper and Mona Peirov share about how you can validate your internal models with async Angular testing and integrate AG Charts into your workflows.