Tech to Follow in 2022 - VUE 175

Tech to Follow in 2022 - VUE 175

January 05, 2022

Show Notes

2022 is here to stay, but do you know what tech will? In this episode, Lindsay and Steve run through their top tech choices for this upcoming year. They agree on why Vite is here to stay, Lindsay’s favorite Vite features that’ll change the game, and tech that you NEED to watch closely this year.

“I think Vite is gonna take over. I think it’s how programmers are gonna want to code on the front end.”

  • Lindsay

In This Episode:
Why Lindsay and Steve believe that Vite will be around for YEARS to come
Lindsay’s favorite Vite features that streamline the coding process and keep programmers programming
Want to know THE tech to make waves in 2022? Listen in for Lindsay’s and Steve’s exhaustive lists
How to integrate older web components into these emerging frameworks efficiently

Links Mentioned:

Lindsay’s Picks:

Steve’s Picks:
Everything I googled in a week as a professional software engineer - localghost
BUDWEISER JERSEY GUYS "How You Doin'?" - YouTube
How you doin' - YouTube

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