Episode 56: 55 TMTC – Finding Freelance Clients


Episode 56: 55 TMTC – Finding Freelance Clients

April 28, 2011

Show Notes

Freelancing is a lot of work. One of the hardest parts is finding clients. I've been getting a lot of work lately and I'm going to explain where I get most of my work from.

  • Podcasts and Screencasts – I've had several people come to me after listening to my podcasts or watching a screencast and ask me to do some work for them.
  • Referrals – I've made several contacts within the community and though some of my clients that have resulted in getting referrals. Make friends. Build your network. It will pay off.
  • Users' Groups – This is similar to the referrals comment. However, some entrepreneurs and other non-technical people sometimes come to the meetings. You can also meet people who are connected to the local community. It's amazing to me how much business I've got because I met the right person in the local community and they heard about business that didn't come out to the wider community.
  • Job Boards – This has been the least productive for me. Effectively, you are chasing cold leads. They do work, but the conversion rate is much lower than any of the others I've listed.
  • Recruiters – I found my first long term contract through a recruiter. I was referred to him and it worked out really well. I'm still working for this client.

In the podcast I share some other stories and thoughts. Listen and then leave a comment to let me know if there's anything else you've tried that worked for you? I'm also interested in your success stories using some of these ways of finding work.

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