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SOS 006: Open Source Software Maintenance Lessons Learned with Bastien Guerry

  • Guests : Bastien Guerry
  • Date : Aug 19, 2019
  • Time : 49 Minutes


  • Eric Berry
  • Richard Littauer
Joined By Special Guest: Bastien Guerry
Episode Summary
Bastien Guerry is employed by the French Administration in a program named Entrepreneurs d'intérêt général inspired by Presidential Innovation Fellows. He is also the Release Manager of Org Mode, an information management and outlining tool for Emacs.
Bastien wrote his first software for his girlfriend to help her with her thesis. He then went onto maintain Org Mode between years 2011 and 2015. Bastien likens open source software maintainers' job to that of stay-at-home mothers' job description, as both are a lot of work and involve a lot of responsibility and stress and both are not compensated financially.
The panel then ask about the evolution of Fund The Code Project which supports the free software movement by donations from sponsors. Bastien invites free software maintainers to contact Fund The Code Project for help in finding sponsors.
Eric Berry:
Richard Littauer:
Bastien Guerry: