What's New in Rails 7 with Stefan Wienert - RUBY 529

What's New in Rails 7 with Stefan Wienert - RUBY 529

January 05, 2022

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With all this hype around Rails 7, how do you ACTUALLY use it? And is it better than its predecessors? In this episode, the Ruby Rogues sit down with Stefan Wienert, a software developer whose passion for Ruby and technical expertise speak for themselves. The group talks about how to avoid headaches in these new systems, the BEST way to encrypt your data, and plenty of details for navigating Ruby on Rails like you’ve always wanted to.

_“You can jump in and fix it right away. It’s very dangerous and very powerful, so it’s great that they have this kind of gem. I’m really excited to about it.”

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In This Episode:

Stefan’s perspective on cssbundling and jsbundling vs. webpacker
Why importmaps is a viable alternative to the bundling combinations
Have headaches with sprockets? Stefan tells you why
The reason nodes may not be necessary in the future…if you do THIS correctly
How you can implement AR encryption and keep your backups safe forever


Roundtable Picks:

Godot Free and Open Source game engine

Reddit article “The Time is Right for Hotwire”
Architecture Decision Records

Marvel Legendary board game
Dotcom Secrets
Expert Secrets
Traffic Secrets
Think and Grow Rich

trestle admin interface like ActiveAdmin, but less dependencies, lot of features, couple of relevant plugins (TinyMCE, JSONEditor, Sidekiq Dashboard), BS4 based theme
i18n-tasks - Gem & cli for managing your config/locales/*.yml - Auto Sort, Auto “Route” keys, sync between locales, find unused, find untranslated, auto translate via Google Translate API

Connect with Stefan:
Github: zealot128 (Stefan Wienert) · GitHub
Twitter @stefanwienert

Special Guest: Stefan Wienert.

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