The State of State Machines - RUBY 536

The State of State Machines - RUBY 536

February 23, 2022

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Show Notes

Interested in state machines? We’re not sure you should be…but it depends. In this episode, the Rogues discuss the merits of state machines and how to know if you actually need one…or if you just need to do some soul searching. They lay out the KEY to organizing your code, how automobile analogies will help you simplify your situation, and what to know about callbacks, records, and controllers this year.
In This Episode
1) Why you probably don’t need a state machine (with SOME exceptions)
 2) How remembering “the car and its oil level” keeps you from overcomplicating your situation
 3) The BEST tools for organizing your code and reducing headaches
 4) Do’s and don’ts of callbacks, records, and controllers in 2022 (hint: go slow and steady!)
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