Styler and Ruby with Benito Serna - RUBY 541

Styler and Ruby with Benito Serna - RUBY 541

Benito Serna


April 12, 2022

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Show Notes

Ever feel like your code isn’t “Stylish” enough? Us too. In this episode, the Rogues sit down Benito Sandoval, the author of the Ruby tool Styler that’ll help you customize your UI and keep things running smoothly.
“My goal was to create something that allowed you to compose classes and use them in your templates.”
- Benito Sandoval
In This Episode
1) How to STOP relying on the tail-end and customize your UI using Styler
 2) Why Styler is an excellent solution compared to defining classes yourself
 3) The TRUTH about partials and when to/not to use them
Special Guest: Benito Serna.
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