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Stimulus, Hotwire, and Turbo, Oh My! - RUBY 607

  • Date : Sep 13, 2023
  • Time : 1 Hours, 3 Minutes
If you’re wondering how to make sense of all these frameworks, you’ve come to the right podcast. In this episode, the Rogues dive DEEP into the pros and cons of Stimulus, Hotwire, Turbo, React, Rails, and more; why certain communities are divided amongst each other (and how to fix it); and what tools you NEED to try in 2022.

In This Episode

This tendency in the Rails community that reveals why users are slow to try Hotwire
 What Charles learned from comparing React vs. Stimulus at his old job (and how Rails came to the rescue)
 Why those in the Java community are seeing React as a “blackhole that’s sucking up everything” (and why some of the Rogues disagree)
 Up and coming frameworks that you NEED to consider this year 
 This ONE separation in Ruby that’s creating division in its community (and how we can fix it)
 Luke asks the REAL question: What can we do to reduce our JavaScript footprint?