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RR 427: Sorbet, a Type Checker for Ruby with Paul Tarjan

  • Guests : Paul Tarjan
  • Date : Aug 27, 2019
  • Time : 47 Minutes
  • David Kimura
  • Andrew Mason
With Special Guest: Paul Tarjan
Episode Summary
Paul Tarjan works for Stripe specializing in developer productivity. In the past, he has owned his own company and worked for Facebook. In today’s episode, the panel is talking about Sorbet, a gradual type checker for Ruby that Paul built. Paul talks about how Sorbet fits in the Ruby community and how it works. The two parts of Sorbet are the runtime type check and the static typecheck. Paul talks about how introducing Sorbet at Stripe has changed the way they approach coding. He talks about some of the performance impacts of adding Sorbet, how it differs from other type checkers, and how it was received in the Ruby community. Paul delves into how developers are notified if Sorbet fails a type check while checking a class. The panel discusses ways to convince reluctant team members that introducing a type checker like Sorbet will improve their code, and Paul talks about his experience implementing it at Stripe. He talks about what he sees for the future of Sorbet. The show finishes with the panel discussing similar projects in other languages and their opinions on React in light of Paul’s former employment with Facebook. 
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Special Guest: Paul Tarjan.