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RR 426: Dockerized Development Environments with Julian Fahrer

  • Guests : Julian Fahrer
  • Date : Aug 20, 2019
  • Time : 58 Minutes
  • David Kimura
  • Andrew Mason
  • Charles Max Wood
With Special Guests: Julian Fahrer
Episode Summary
Julian Fahrer has been a guest on Devchat shows before and recently did a workshop at RailsConf about Docker. He specializes in teaching people about Docker and has his own course, LearnDocker.online. Julian begins by giving suggestions for those considering Dockerizing their Rails applications. He talks about why Docker is a good choice to be used in a local development environment and gives some advice for those who might have trouble running Docker in development. He talks about where Docker fits within the development or production environment. He talks about synchronizing code between development and production and running tests. He advises listeners on how to get started with Docker. He talks about using a Docker registry to build and push images. They discuss how to deal with things once you move to production and how to use containers when considering microservices. Julian talks about debugging in Docker. They finish by talking about Docker’s compatibility with frameworks besides Rails and how services talk to each other in Docker. 
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Special Guest: Julian Fahrer.