RR 419: Microservices and Storyscript with Steve Peak

RR 419: Microservices and Storyscript with Steve Peak

Steve Peak


July 02, 2019

Show Notes

  • Charles Max Wood
  • Dave Kimura
  • Andrew Mason
With Special Guest: Steve Peak
Episode Summary
Today’s guest Steve Peak has been an entrepreneur and developer for a decade specializing in building tools. He built the company Codecov, one of the top performers in the github ecosystem. His next project is Storyscript, first and only top level programming language that focuses on business logic. The panel begins by discussing what a microservice is and what makes a good one. One of the difficulties with microservices that there is no standardization, and that’s where microservice.guide can help. 
The panel talks about some of the issues of having too many microservices and Steve offers Possible solutions. Steve delves into some of the abilities of Story Script in stringing together multiple services in different languages and how it can simplify things. They talk about if it’s possible to have too many microservices and when does a microservice become a monolith microservice. They talk about the possibility of inflating the production environment with unneeded memory by using microservices. Steve offers advice on how to go from poor decisions to responsible decisions when using microservices, how Storyscript can help when multiple microservices are in use, and where he sees the industry heading. 
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Special Guest: Steve Peak.