RR 414: Docker Talk

May 28, 2019

Show Notes

  • Charles Max Wood
  • Andrew Mason
  • Dave Kimura
  • David Richards
Episode Summary
Today the panel is talking about the many applications of Docker. They talk about where Docker fits into the development lifestyle and what kind of applications Docker can help with. Dave goes over some of the some of the Docker terminology, how to set up some basic scenarios, and some of the difficulties often encountered by first time users. They talk about how to make sure you’re putting together a Docker file correctly.
The panel agrees that Docker had a different workflow from other systems, and discuss some of the tradeoffs of using docker. They mention some specific use cases for docker and what it’s like to migrate to Docker. Dave cautions listeners that databases needs to exist outside of Docker or Kubernetes. Dave and Andrew argue whether or not Docker belongs in the developer environment.
The panel discusses ways to maintain productivity when introducing Docker and give some advice to programmers who are new to using Docker. They talk about cases where using Docker can be very helpful. They wrap up by talking about how to get started with Docker in your CI/CD and how to run tests with Docker.
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