RR 411: What causes Ruby memory bloat? with Hongli Lai

RR 411: What causes Ruby memory bloat? with Hongli Lai

Hongli Lai


May 07, 2019

Show Notes

  • Charles Max Wood
  • Dave Kimura
  • Eric Berry
Joined by Special Guest: Hongli Lai
Eric Berry starts by sharing how Phusion and Phusion passenger changed his career and thanks Hongli Lai for his work. Hongli talks about where Phusion is now and shares what's new with passenger 6. The panel compares passenger and puma and Hongli explains why passenger is the better choice. The panel wonders about deployment strategies and Hongli shares what he has seen done with Passenger.
Hongli discusses the article he wrote about memory bloat. He starts by explaining why he wrote the article. The panel discusses what causes memory bloat and how to identify memory bloat versus memory leaks. Hongli explains how the system memory allocator works and why people are using Jemalloc instead. The panel discusses Jemalloc and wonders why Ruby doesn’t adopt Jemalloc. Hongli shares his magic solution for solving the memory bloat problem and other tips for managing memory.
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Special Guest: Hongli Lai .