RR 370: How I Built Timeasure with Eliav Lavi

RR 370: How I Built Timeasure with Eliav Lavi

Eliav Lavi


July 10, 2018

Show Notes

  • David Richards
  • Dave Kimura
  • Eric Berry
  • Catherine Meyers
Special Guests: Eliav Lavi
In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panel talks to Eliav Lavi about his article How I Built Timeasure. Eliav works for Riskified where he is a back-end developer working with Ruby mostly and recently some Scala. In the past, he studied music but  had always been into technology from a young age. They talk about how got to where he is today, what the developer scene is like in Israel, and Timeasure. They talk about what this gem is, why they decided to create it, and more!
In particular, we dive pretty deep on:
  • Eliav intro
  • Studied music originally
  • Risk analyst at Riskified
  • Company started on Ruby on Rails
  • Been a professional developer for the last year and a half
  • Self-taught programmer
  • Used blogs and books to learn
  • How welcoming and helpful the Ruby community is
  • What’s the developer scene like in Israel?
  • Rails and JavaScript jobs common in Israel
  • English as the common denominator for code
  • What is Timeasure?
  • Needed a way to measure the run-time of code
  • Safe to use in production
  • Easy DSL
  • Did you look at other gems first before creating this?
  • Used NewRelic originally
  • How is the data stored?
  • What to do with all the collected measurements?
  • NewRelic Insights
  • Ruby Prof
  • And much, much more!
  • Golf
Special Guest: Eliav Lavi.