RR 366: Build Your Own RSpec: A Gentle Metaprogramming Intro with Paweł Dąbrowski

RR 366: Build Your Own RSpec: A Gentle Metaprogramming Intro with Paweł Dąbrowski

June 12, 2018

Show Notes

  • Charles Max Wood
  • Dave Kimura
  • Eric Berry
  • David Richards
Special Guests: Paweł Dąbrowski
In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panelists talk to Paweł Dąbrowski about metaprogramming and DSLs. Paweł is a Ruby developer, is on the iRonin team, and runs a Ruby blog, which he started in January 2018. They talk about his blog, the importance of contributing to the community, and why he chose to create his own version of RSpec. They also touch on how hard it was to get into blog writing as a developer, the use of blog writing as a way to confirm your skills, and much more!
In particular, we dive pretty deep on:
  • Paweł intro
  • Build your own RSpec blog post
  • Wanted to dive in and share his thoughts on the topic
  • The importance of branding yourself
  • He wants to be able to share his skills to others
  • What prompted you to want to write a blog?
  • Importance of contributing to the Ruby community
  • Developer therapy
  • Write a blog post and then make it into a script
  • Do you find yourself going back to your blog posts in the future?
  • Why did you decide to create your own version of RSpec?
  • How far did you get into creating your own RSpec before it got really difficult?
  • Remind yourself it’s just Ruby code
  • Did you use TDD?
  • Do you think about the application code differently now?
  • Writing application code is easier for him now
  • How hard was it to get into blog writing?
  • The fear of the opinions of others
  • Blog writing has changed the way he looks at code
  • Blog writing as a way to confirm your skills
  • His inspiration for the blog posts
  • And much, much more!
Special Guest: Paweł Dąbrowski.