RR 364: Why Won't Bundle Update? with Olivier Lacan

RR 364: Why Won't Bundle Update? with Olivier Lacan

May 30, 2018

Show Notes

  • Dave Kimura
  • Eric Berry
  • David Richards
  • Catherine Meyers
Special Guests: Olivier Lacan
In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panelists talk to Olivier Lacan about his blog post Why Won’t Bundle Update? and related topics. Olivier was originally a designer/web developer who fell into Ruby around 2010 and has been working on Code School, which is sadly in the process of being shut down. They talk about what package managers are, where you would you see them normally in code, dependencies, gems, and much more!
In particular, we dive pretty deep on:
  • Olivier intro
  • Sass and Haml
  • Code School
  • Why they are shutting down Code School
  • Transferring expertise to PluralSight
  • The Life and Death of a Rails App
  • What is a package manager?
  • Where would you see a package manager?
  • Reusable code
  • More structured and sustainable process
  • Conversations that helps the community mature
  • Ruby Gems
  • What’s acceptable across communities
  • Dependencies
  • Having collaborative conversations
  • Yarn
  • Transitive dependencies
  • Authentication
  • Dependencies as degrees of liability
  • Taking on risk
  • And much, much more!
Special Guest: Olivier Lacan.