RR 346: Ruby Debuggers with Daniel Azuma

RR 346: Ruby Debuggers with Daniel Azuma

Daniel Azuma


January 23, 2018

Show Notes

Charles Max Wood
Dave Kimura
Brian Hogan
Eric Berry
Special Guest: Daniel Azuma
In this episode, the Ruby Rogues speaks with Daniel Azuma, Daniel is has being a “Rubyist", and has been developing for over 20 years, and currently works at Google apart of the Cloud team with programming language support specialist. Daniel leads the Ruby and Elixir team at Google.
Daniel is on the show to discuss Ruby debuggers with the Ruby Rogues panel. Topics cover ruby support, cloud debugger, projects, processes for debuggers and much more. This is a great episode to understand more about Ruby debuggers and processes.
In particular, we dive pretty deep on:
  • Ruby Support
  • Cloud Debugger
  • First debugger project
  • Talks about debugging
  • Why do you use a debugger in the first place?
  • Figuring out info and where to started  - processes to start
  • Rapid round trips
  • Pry
  • Second debugger,
  • Snapshots of program state
  • Byte Code
  • Is this only available on the Google cloud platform
  • Similar products?
  • Stack driver gems
  • Google cloud debugger gem
  • Standard rails application?
  • Does the debugger take snapshots of the issue?
  • Debugger agents
  • If you could do it about what would you tell yourself?
  • What are the lessons of writing a Ruby Debugger?
  • If someone wants to put a Ruby app on App engine how do they do that?
  • and much much more.
Special Guest: Daniel Azuma.