Railway Oriented Development and DRY-Monads - RUBY 545

Railway Oriented Development and DRY-Monads - RUBY 545

May 11, 2022

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Show Notes

It's not every day that you learn a new approach to error handling for Ruby. Today Abiodun Olowode shares her insights with railway oriented programming (ROP), a functional programming technique that allows sequential execution of functions, not necessarily synchronous. The key concept is that each function can only accept and return Container of either Success or Failure. They also dive into the topic of dry monads, the gems that helps you achieve railway oriented programming in that it helps bind your methods together and give you a success or failure result.
In this Episode…
  1. What is railway oriented programming (ROP)
  2. Examples of ROP and dry monads
  3. Limitations of dry monads 
  4. How to test your configurations
  5. Dry schema implications
  6. What is the developer culture like in Nigeria, Africa?
Special Guest: Abiodun Olowode .
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