Isolator with Sidekiq - RUBY 543

Isolator with Sidekiq - RUBY 543

April 28, 2022

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Show Notes

Anton Ivanopoulos joins the show today to share his approach with using Isolator and Sidekiq to ensure simple, efficient background jobs for Ruby. Discover how Isolator and Sidekiq integrate and how you can have more reliable message processing, group jobs into a set to follow their progress, and ultimately stop worrying about queues and focus on your app. Anton shares his story how he moved from delayed jobs to Sidekiq and why he replaced his backend and why Sidekiq is more effective in the long run. 
In this Episode…
What is Isolator and how does it integrate with Sidekiq?
 A new way to catch the errors and add confidence and reliability message processing.
 How to build good habits, moving deploys from being atomic things to things where there is continuous deployment for efficient background jobs.
Special Guest: Anton Ivanopoulos.
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