How VIte.js is Changing the Game with Máximo Mussini - RUBY 528

How VIte.js is Changing the Game with Máximo Mussini - RUBY 528

December 21, 2021

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Show Notes

If you’re on the search for a robust, lightning-fast solution in your programming language, listen up. The roundtable sits down with Máximo Mussini, a software developer who’s passionate about integrating Ruby and Vte.js together to create something that’s both razor-sharp and freakishly easy to use. The lads discuss how powerful http2 is becoming, the easiest way to slash loading times and be more strategic with your page building, and why you NEED Vite.js’s incredible integration tools to stop playing around and get your pages up and soaring.

“This set of new tools brings an on-demand mentality, which has a lot of benefits.”

  • Máximo Mussini

In This Episode:

  • How http2 is changing the game with Javascript
  • How Vite.js and Ruby are slashing reload times and keeping programmers in their flow
  • Why you need Vite’s incredible integration capabilities to include any packages or files you can imagine
  • The #1 benefit of Vite.js that’s changing how programmers are able to code, integrate packages, and get their applications up and running

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Special Guest: Máximo Mussini .

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