How to Run Ruby in Your Browser - RUBY 562

How to Run Ruby in Your Browser - RUBY 562

Ben Taylor


September 07, 2022

Show Notes

Ben Taylor joins the show today to share his recent developments about integrating Ruby snippets within a browser in less than a day.  The panel asks about his process and what he did to make this a quick and successful strategy.  Learn about this new process and what you can do today to make this happen!

In this episode…

  • Merging WASI based WebAssembly support
  • The functions to run ruby snippets in your browser
  • Programming education and WebAssembly tooling
  • The WebAssembly package manager
  • Web browser use cases 
  • Optimization and garbage collection in binary
  • Accounting for Ruby gems
  • Security for WebAssembly
  • Safari integration and WebAssembly 
  • Running the same binary on both client side and server-side