How to Migrate to Rails 7 - RUBY 535

How to Migrate to Rails 7 - RUBY 535

February 16, 2022

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Show Notes

Rails 7 is HERE and we’re pumped. In this episode, the Ruby Rogues discuss all things migration, including the BEST method for a safe move, why you NEED to learn about “Turbo Frames” to streamline your Rails 7 experience, and everything you need to know about gems to help you stay on track.
In This Episode
1) The CORRECT way to migrate to Rails 7 (and the best tools to get the job done)
 2) Why learning “Turbo Frames” will make your Rails 7 experience WAY easier
 3) The BIGGEST perks of Rails 7 (and why you’ll feel inspired using them!)
 4) How to get your gems up and running in Rails 7 WITHOUT slowing you down
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