GraphQL with David Sanchez - RUBY 544

GraphQL with David Sanchez - RUBY 544

May 08, 2022

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Show Notes

GraphQL is a flexible, strongly-typed query language. It's useful because it gives front-end developers the ability to query the database without many changes to the back-end. In this episode, David Sanchez explains how to design and build GraphQL APIs in Rails. 
In this Episode…
  1. What is GraphQL and how do you get started with it?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of GraphQL?
  3. What is REST and how do you integrate in your workflow?
  4. Common misconceptions with GraphQL
  5. What is GraphiQL and how does it differ from GraphQL?
  6. How to use max_depth in your queries.
Special Guest: David Sanchez.
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