Desktop Apps in Ruby ft. Andy - RUBY 547

Desktop Apps in Ruby ft. Andy - RUBY 547

Andy Maleh


May 25, 2022

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Show Notes

Andy Maleh joins the show today to share his opensource desktop development library app for Ruby, Glimmer. Enjoy hearing about why and how Andy created Glimmer, specific applications for implementation, comparison to other apps, DSL framework, using widgets within Glimmer, feature additives, testing, and various compatibilities.
In this episode…
  1. What is Glimmer and how does it work
  2. The story on why Andy built Glimmer
  3. The DSL framework
  4. Using widgets in Glimmer
  5. Distribution for Glimmer
  6. Missing features in Glimmer
  7. Compatibility with RubyMotion
  8. How to test with Glimmer
Special Guest: Andy Maleh.
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