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Commanding Your Command Line with Adam Gordon Bell - RUBY 530

  • Guests : Adam Gordon Bell
  • Date : Jan 12, 2022
  • Time : 1 Hours, 1 Minutes
Ready to COMMAND your command line? Then listen up! In this episode, the Ruby Rogues sit down with Adam Gordon Bell, a software developer and host of the CoRecursive podcast. The guys discuss the tools that every developer MUST know in 2022, what users of Jekyll and Ruby can expect this year, and why Adam believes that JQ will save you hours from Google and Stack Overflow.
“I remember when I used to chase the “shiny new thing”, but now, I want to find the tools that last.”
- Adam Gordon Bell
In This Episode
The tools that every developer MUST know in 2022
 What Adam learned from chasing the “shiny new thing” (and how you can avoid making the same mistake)
 What people using Jekyll and Ruby can expect this year (spoiler: Elixir may make an appearance)
 Why Adam believes JQ will save programmers from digging through Google and Stack Overflow
 The “Grammarly for markdown files” that’ll help you speed up your flow and keep things neat and tidy
Special Guest: Adam Gordon Bell.
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