Be a 1x Developer - RUBY 548

Be a 1x Developer - RUBY 548

June 01, 2022

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Show Notes

A 10x developer is defined as a professional who is 10 times more productive than other developers with an equal level of expertise in the field.  Accordingly, a 10x developer would be able to complete 10 times more tasks and writes 10 times better code than any other competent member of their team working in the same conditions.  Does a 10x developer exist, or is this a myth?  Today on the show, Charles and Valentino parse out this philosophy by comparing a 1x developer vs. a 10x developer.

In this episode…

1. What do you expect out of a programmer?
2. Increasing work output on a team
3. The ego of a programmer
4. Being a team player
5. Sustaining a steady pace toward a common goal
6. The time to fix things is now
7. Focusing on your team and output