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Audit Logging in Rails - 538

  • Guests : Jeremy Smith
  • Date : Mar 09, 2022
  • Time : 1 Hours, 3 Minutes
If you think all audits suck, think again. In this episode, the Rogues sit down with Jeremy Smith, a developer and writer who’s ready to show us the RIGHT way to implement audit logs in Rails.
“I want to be cautious about how much I bring into a code base. As gems grow, they accumulate more functionality.”
- Jeremy Smith
In This Episode
1) Why you NEED audit logs in Rails this year (and how to keep your clients happy with them)
 2) Jeremy’s recommendation for top-notch audit gems
 3) The answer to “Build it or Buy it?” to keep your code (and your business) tidy
Check out Jeremy’s work: Audit Logging in Rails 2 
Special Guest: Jeremy Smith.
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